An extensibe framework for simple, secure, robust, and reliable incentive-based studies.

Announcing OINK

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We’re very excited to announce the launch of the Open INcentive Kit or OINK for short. OINK is a collaborative effort between Lab11 from the University of California, Berkeley and the STIMA Lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The goal of OINK is to create a general framework for deploying and running incentive-based studies. Currently, the vast majority of incentive-based studies either manually manage their incentives or need to create new, custom incentive software for every new deployment.

Current Status

Today, OINK is just beginning. An early version of OINK is powering the DumsorWatch deployment, part of the larger GridWatch project. With this first deployment, we aim to learn whether the OINK architecture design supports the needs of a real-world project well.

Can I use OINK for my project?

Probably not yet.

Deploying, configuring, and monitoring OINK as it stands is a heavily manual process. As we learn what works well in the DumsorWatch deployment, and build the management tools around the system, we hope to see OINK grow to serve the needs of the greater research community. We’ll be tracking our progress and announcing major milestones here, we welcome all to follow along on the adventure!